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Thinking Today

With the rapid shift in global travel, communication and new technologies in this century, coupled with new brain research showing the dynamic plasticity of human development - the vision of Thinking Matters matches the needs of our time, and of the future of the children around the world.

The need for independent thinkers, learners and problem solvers in today’s workplace is continually emphasised by organisations and corporations taking on young employees. Together with the ability to collaborate and work in teams, employers are seeking individuals who don’t need spoon feeding but who have developed learning behaviours that enable them to work things out intelligently for themselves.

The Thinking Matters approach, with proven evidence, not only achieves higher attainment for learners from Thinking Schools, but also develops independent, reflective and creative individuals able to succeed in an ever-changing future.

The main cognitive skill Google are looking for is “learning ability”..
Laszlo Bock, Former “Head of People”, Google

Find out more about the Thinking Matters approach and how it can transform your whole school.

Thinking Matters Approach