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Dispositions Meta Wheel - Learning Behaviours

Positive learning dispositions are characteristics or attitudes to learning for the successful student. They are about children learning how to learn rather than what to learn and provide a framework or compass for students to refer to when needing to direct the next steps in their learning.

Our ‘MetaWheel’ software offers schools an easy way to show inspectorate bodies their intent, implementation and impact in developing learner skills. More importantly it allows learners the ability to visualise and explicitly reflect on the dispositions they are seeking to develop.

The MetaWheel provides teachers (and parents should the school wish) with a clear framework to monitor and coach dispositional growth in each of their students. 

Example of the dispositions metawheel

Each school can have its own bespoke, school branded MetaWheel by:

  1. Selecting the dispositions they are specifically seeking to develop in their learners.
  2. Selecting the rubric around each level of learner progress.

We work with you to design your school’s MetaWheel and offer support for its implementation.

TSN Members:  A one-off set up fee of £250 - £500 +VAT. 
                            Annual subscription fee of £1 per pupil. 

Non-Members:  A one-off set up fee of £250 - £500 +VAT.
                            Annual subscription fee of £2 per pupil.

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