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'Adventures in Metacognition' - Online Independent Learner Course

In order to flourish, remote learners need to be independent learners. This unprecedented period of isolation is highlighting that pupils who have the skills to manage and reflect on their own learning are not only more likely to cope better with remote schooling but are also freeing up their parents to be more productive in their own work.

Adventures in Metacognition
TM Model of Developing Metacognition

To help schools in the Thinking Schools Network (TSN) support their students in developing as independent learners, Thinking Matters and our partner training schools are developing two online courses (one for primary aged students and one for secondary) to enable learners to explore the Thinking Matters’ proprietary model for developing metacognition.

The 'Adventures in Metacognition' course is designed to offer students a framework to make progress on whatever it is they are seeking to learn. It has the following elements:

  • Each course uses an age appropriate ‘world’.
  • Each 'world’s' characters develop a narrative that explains the theory of metacognition (elements of the TM Big Picture) via a series of micro-videos.
  • The theory is brought to life through a range of engaging practical activities which allow the ‘players’ (course participants) to score points by completing the activities and then reflect on their input and learnings.
  • Completed activities are recorded and a course monitor (either a class teacher or Thinking Matters specialist) will provide feedback and share with the wider participant community where appropriate.

The course is accessed via a web link within the Thinking Matters website. Login details will be provided on sign-up.

Cost: For the duration of the lockdown period

TSN Members:   £1 per pupil
Non- Members:
£2.50 per pupil 

Give your students the opportunity to explore the world of metacognition through this fun, age compatible online course!

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