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Motivation Matters

Motivation is arguably the most misunderstood aspect of improving outcomes. Our team of motivation consultants, led by Charlotte Wheeler utilises expertise in this core element of our Big Picture to transform engagement and with it performance, wellbeing and self-knowledge of both staff and pupils.

Designed for Head and Teachers and Team Leaders

We are currently offering a discount on the Motivational Maps® ‘Team Profile’ (as used by UCL's Institute of Education) that allows you to see what makes your team members 'tick'. The profile will provide you with a framework for empowering leadership conversations and offers unrivalled insights on how best to tap into your team's strengths and energy.

COST:  £149 +vat (discounted from £249 +vat)

To find out more and book your Team Profile, arrange a 15 minute meeting so we can discuss your needs in full.

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Utilising “Motivational MapsⓇ", a metacognitive tool informed by an online self-perception questionnaire, our Motivation Consultants allow staff and pupils fascinating insights into their motivators and current levels of motivation. We train school leaders and staff, either online or in-school, in how to use these insights in order to structure opportunities that align with the internal drivers of those they are working with or teaching. The results are increased engagement, productivity and outcomes.  Find out more about Motivational MapsⓇ

The Motivation Matters team works with:

  • School Heads - seeking to optimise the strengths of their senior leadership teams and staff.

  • Pastoral Heads - seeking an early warning system to monitor wellbeing levels in both staff and pupils.

  • Academic Heads and Classroom Teachers - seeking insights into how better to engage learners.

  • Careers Advisers - seeking to better guide students on suitable post school options.

  • House Masters and Mistresses - wishing to gain a better understanding of those in their charge.

Arrange a conversation with someone from our Motivation Matters team and find out more!