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Thinking Schools students

Our Approach

Our approach is centred around the training of educators to use a pedagogy which enables students to master a range of thinking skills and intelligent learning behaviours. But our approach is so much more than training….

We differ from traditional training providers by taking a bigger picture view of your organisation and its cognitive development ambitions. We listen in order to understand your starting point and your end goal. We work with you to develop and implement a tailored strategy that through a common methodology, language and purpose places thinking at the heart of your organisation.

Our consultants are all highly skilled practitioners, trainers and facilitators with the highest expertise in the field of cognitive education and change management. Through them:

  • We explore your readiness for change.

  • We advise on how to implement transformational change.

  • We support you in the creation and communication of your vision.

  • We help you select your most appropriate change agents.

  • We introduce pedagogical techniques and tools that develop cognitive capabilities and intelligent learning behaviours.

  • We share examples of deliberate thinking opportunities for use with content learning.

  • We help develop a common thinking language and a common purpose amongst staff.

  • We provide access to a network who share best practice and ideas from all over the world.

In this way, the whole becomes more powerful than the sum of its parts. Our approach is proven to work better than any other intervention strategy. It increases grade attainment, improves inspection outcomes, improves staff engagement and most importantly arms students with the skills and aptitudes to be successful.

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