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Workshop 'Transforming Motivation'

A live, 90 minute, interactive workshop specifically designed for your Senior Leadership Team.

This online workshop will explore the science behind motivation and look at what it is that drives individuals and how tapping into this can transform levels of performance and wellbeing. The workshop is specifically designed to help SLT members understand how this may impact on their own leadership.

The workshop objectives are:

  • To deepen your senior team's understanding of the science of motivation and its importance in performance and wellbeing;
  • Gain insights into how to apply that knowledge to positively impact and energise your own and their leadership.
  • To reflect upon the nature of individual motivation and how enhancing appreciation of this can contribute to achievement of personal goals.

Prior to the workshop, participants will complete a short, online Motivational Map questionnaire (as used by UCL’s Institute of Education). During the workshop, using the questionnaire, participants will learn how to identify their individual motivators and how to gauge their current level of motivation. Each participant will receive access to their individual Motivational Map report and various practical engagement strategies will be offered which will help participants appreciate how it is possible to tap into their own personal motivators.

The workshop is designed to be either one 90 minute or two, separate one hour Zoom sessions. It's recommended that participants will login on individual devices to maximise opportunity for interaction and discussion.

Guidance can also be provided following this workshop on the potential administration and interpretation of the Motivational Maps with wider staff.


- £349 +vat DISCOUNTED from £499 +vat for bookings made prior to 31st March 2022

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