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Webinar Recordings

Our Webinars are a great medium to help you understand what we mean by 'whole school metacognition' and to learn more about the proven impact of our approach in schools around the world. On this page we provide recordings of Thinking Matters Webinars.

As a webinar attendee, and/or a viewer of a webinar recording, your school will receive free membership to the Thinking School Network which also includes a free, half day annual consultancy.

September 2020: This series of Webinars are designed for School Leadership and those wanting to learn more about adopting a whole school approach to developing metacognitive learners.  The Webinars looks at what it actually means to be a Thinking School, what's different about the pedagogy and the pupils in Thinking Schools and what are the significant benefits involved.

  • What is a Thinking School?: This Webinar explores what it means to be a Thinking School. What sets a Thinking School apart from a non-thinking school? What does a Thinking Classroom look like and what learning behaviours can one expect to see from pupils?
    Hosts: Ciaran Beatty, Headteacher, St James’s Primary, Richmond and Gemma Aukett, Thinking School, Coordinator, Gordon School, Surrey .

  • Why Become a Thinking School?: What are the benefits of being a Thinking School? How does it impact on your pupils, staff and the whole school?
    Hosts: Alison Jacob, Headteacher at Edgware Primary School, London and Belinda Kistell, Asst Head, Leventhorpe Academy.

July 2020: This series of Webinars focused on the meaning of metacognition, how it can enhance the Recovery Curriculum and ease the process of pupils' return to learning after lockdown.  The Webinars are designed for School Leadership and Classroom Practitioners.

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