Festival of Metacognition 2024

St. Mary's, London

Monday 17th June: Day Conference 9:20 - 3:45pm


Tuesday 18th June: Thinking Schools Tour 9:50 - 3:30pm

Our annual Festival of Metacognition draws together, in one place, those with a shared passion for developing metacognitive, self-regulating learners. 


In 2024, the Festival will be bigger than ever, with an additional second day for those wanting to visit University of Exeter accredited Thinking Schools in London. Delegates can choose to attend either day, or both!

The ‘Festival of Metacognition’ provides the best insights into developing metacognition and self regulated learning, all in one place. It offers the invaluable opportunity to explore the latest and best practice in successfully developing metacognition in your school and enables you to hear from experts, talk to leaders and teachers from Thinking Schools and share experiences regarding any area of metacognition.

Keynote Speakers

Professor Daniel Muijs

Co-author of the EEF’s ‘Metacognition & Self Regulation’ Guidance Report, Former Head of Research, OFSTED

Professor Rose Luckin

Professor at UCL, Founder of Educate Ventures Research (EVR) & President of the Self-Managed Learning College, Brighton

FREE Webinars: Festival of Metacognition 2024 Speaker Showcase

Book your FREE online seat at our live CPD webinars, introducing this year’s speakers at the Festival of Metacognition, as we explore the development of metacognitive, self-regulating learners.

Enculturation: Raising Attainment and Monitoring Impact - A Thinking School JourneyHear from Charles Dickens School's SLT on their experience of how becoming an accredited Thinking School has supported their ambitions to develop metacognitive, self-regulating learners. Thursday 1st Feb 4:00 - 4:20pmView Webinar
Strengthening the Student Toolbox Amarbeer Singh Gill, author of 'Strengthening the Student Toolbox - in Action', introduces us to ideas from his influential book on how to help students consolidate knowledge and enhance their learning.Tuesday 12th Mar 4:00 - 4:20pmView Webinar
'Thinking Aloud' Developing Metacognition Through Peer Collaboration and TalkDr. Kirstin Mulholland shares her work on 'Thinking Aloud', sharing practical ideas on harnessing the power of collaborative talk for metacognitive development.Thursday 21st March 4:00 - 4:20pmView Webinar
Successfully Motivating Students - How to Apply Self Determination Theory In The ClassroomHear from Dr. Claire Badger (FCCT), who shares her insights in to motivation and the practical application of self-determination theory in the classroom. Thursday 25th April 4:15 - 4:30pmView Webinar
Metacognition and Memory: how are they related and what does that mean for learning and teaching?Prof. Daniel Muijs, author of the EEF's guidance report on 'Metacognition and Self Regulated Learning', provides an insight in to his workshop on metacognition and memoryThursday 2nd May 4:00 - 4:20pmView Webinar

Gain unparalleled insights from cutting edge researchers and thought leaders

Take home classroom strategies from expert practitioners

Share ideas with practitioners from across the Thinking School Network

Visit Thinking Schools in action

Day 1Day 2 FULLY BOOKEDDay 1 & 2
Conference: £299.99 +vatThinking School Tour: £99.99 +vatFull Festival (2 Days): £399.99 +vat
Early Bird: £199.99 +vatEarly Bird: £69.99 +vatEarly Bird (2 Days): £249.99 +vat

The Thinking School Tour on Tuesday 18th June has now sold out! However, places may become available. Contact fom@thinkingmatters.com to add yourself to the waiting list.

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Guaranteed to be the metacognitive event of the year!

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