Thinking School Accreditation

One of the UK’s leading universities, The University of Exeter, via its School of Education, offers formal accreditation for schools wishing to be recognised as official ‘Thinking Schools’. At the heart of the award is whether a school can evidence that it is taking a genuinely whole school approach to the development of metacognitive, self regulating learners.

The University's accreditation process for both levels, One and Two, can be seen below. Due to our longstanding relationship with Exeter and our involvement in the conception of the Thinking School accreditation, we have helped shape those criteria and, in some way, have supported almost all of the schools who have gained Thinking School accreditation since its conception in 2006.

How we help:

Wherever you are in the world, if you are seeking accreditation as a Thinking School, we offer guidance around the process and have developed simple to use software that aids the gathering and digital submission of evidence, greatly reducing your workload in attaining the award. Our professional development, tools and resources are designed with accreditation as a potential objective. Any school or group of schools considering accreditation should feel confident that we will tailor a professional development plan for them that, if embedded well, will put them in a position to meet the criteria required to achieve the ThinkingSchools@Exeter awards.

Congratulations to these recently Accredited Thinking Schools

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