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CPD for 2023-2024


Gain access to curated footage from the Festival of Metacognition 2023

Developing Metacognition in Education

Growing Learner Potential Self-Efficacy | Confidence | Curiosity | Interdependence | Life-long Learning

Taking the evidence of what works and putting it into the hands of educators

  • Implementation Plans
  • Training
  • Tools
  • Resources
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Developing Metacognition: Now Online Online & blended training

Whole School Metacognition: Our online training has transformed accessibility, flexibility and affordability in the development of classroom metacognitive tools and strategies

  • Ideal timing for use of Catch-Up Funding
  • MORE cost effective, HIGH quality, SAFE
  • Credible and effective use of Pupil-Premium Funding
Developing metacognition online

Transforming Outcomes with Metacognition At Thinking Schools:

  • Pupil progress is 10 months beyond predictions - an increased grade at SATS and GCSEs.
  • Disadvantaged learners close the progress gap with non-disadvantaged peers.
  • Inspectorate judgements improve.
  • Pupil attendance, teacher engagement and retention all benefit.
Become a thinking school

We Support Schools Online or in-school, with metacognitive tools, consultancy and CPD training to:

  • Develop metacognitive learners.
  • Demonstrate curriculum intent, implementation and impact.
  • Spend disadvantaged learner and CPD budgets effectively.
  • Gain Thinking School accreditation via The University of Exeter.
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We Connect The Thinking Schools Network:

A global community of schools who take an explicit, whole school approach to developing their students as independent thinkers and learners. We:

  • facilitate inter-school visits.
  • host events.
  • provide a digital platform of metacognitive resources.
Metacognition strategies
I would like to thank you so much for the incredible inset. It definitely created a buzz and motivated teachers.
Head Teacher, Me'or High School

CPD for 2023-2024

Ideal CPD for all your staff. Get your access to professional, curated footage from each of the expert workshops from the Festival of Metacognition 2023!

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Our Approach

Our approach, delivered online or in-school, is centred around training educators to use a pedagogy which enables students to master a range of metacognitive skills, intelligent learning behaviours and metacognitive tools. But our approach is so much more than training….

Metacognition strategiesOur approach

Our Services

We offer a range of consultancy and training, online or in-school, in the field of metacognitive education. Have a look at our services and how we can help you on the road to becoming a thinking organisation.

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An International Approach ...

As well as supporting schools in the UK, Thinking Matters works in partnership with a growing network of international educational organisations who, under licence, have adopted the Thinking Matters approach.

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Become a Thinking School

‘The ‘thinking school’ ethos pervades all aspects of school life and accounts for highly reflective leaders, managers, teachers, and pupils… Contact us for further information and next steps; have a conversation, visit an existing Thinking School, learn more about metacognition, thinking skills and our approach.

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