Thinking Schools Network

The Thinking Schools Network (TSN) is a global community of innovative, progressive schools whose leaders seek to create world-class, metacognitive education environments for their pupils by investing in the skills development of their staff. Its members are both state and independent, mainstream and special schools and serve pupils of all ages.

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Schools in the Network:

  • Seek to transform the life chances of their pupils beyond academic grade attainment. They use scientific evidence to inform their teaching practice and as the basis for future proofing their pupils.
  • Subsequently, schools in the TSN take an explicit, whole school, cognitive approach to educating.
  • All staff of schools in the TSN consciously seek to develop not only their own, but their pupils’ cognitive capabilities and intelligent learning behaviours. Their aim is to develop independent, metacognitive learners so that they know how to optimise their own potential and have the tools to determine their own futures.

Whilst many of the schools in the network are officially accredited as ‘Thinking Schools’ by the University of Exeter or its overseas partners, schools who don’t seek formal accreditation or who are on their accreditation journey are equally valued and warmly welcome. 

The Thinking Schools Network is currently made up of over 360 schools in 14 different countries. It continues to draw outstanding schools to its membership who are keen to contribute to and share from the networks existing members own relentless quest to progress the success of their learners.

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