Adventures in Metacognition

For schools wanting to complement their whole school approach to developing teaching learners how to learn, we have developed an award winning set of ‘stand alone’ learning how to learn’ lesson resources called Adventures in Metacognition. There are different lesson plans and materials for 5-8 year olds and 9-12 year olds.



An overview:

Pupils get introduced, at an age appropriate level, to how their brain works, how to improve their memory, how to boost their cognition and build better learning habits. The introductions are made by a host of fun characters who, through a series of micro videos, look at various different aspects of becoming a ‘meta’ learner. 

Having watched the videos, learners then complete a set of accompanying activities to cement understanding and then reflect on each area, considering transference of what they’ve learned to their classwork, co-curricular activities and home lives. 

An app

For older learners there is the scope to use an accompanying web app. The app gamifies the materials (they have to gather tools from a range of locations to escape a metacognitive island), allowing learners to work through the lesson materials independently and to gather evidence of transference.

tools needed to repair the ship and escape the island!
Meet some of the characters who help you on your way...

Annual Cost:

TSN Premium Members: Unlimited access.

Silver Members & Non-Members: £4.00 per pupil.

Absolutely brilliant. We based a whole 'learning how to learn' day around the Adventures in Metacognition resources, which the children loved.

Give your students the opportunity to explore the world of metacognition through these fun, age appropriate lesson resources.
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