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Intelligent Learning Behaviours

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Metacognitive learners are the learners of the future. They also show significant academic progress beyond expectations.

At Thinking Matters our expertise is in making metacognition ‘whole school’. With our origins in the Cognitive Education Development Unit at the University of Exeter (now the accrediting body of Thinking Schools) we have been at the cutting edge of bringing the science of cognitive and metacognitive education to schools for over fifteen years.

We are an education consultancy that works with individual schools, school groups and government authorities to help them develop metacognitive learners across their organisations. We do this by:

  1. Supporting leadership teams to roll out their metacognition initiatives 
  2. Working with teaching staff to integrate metacognitive strategies into their pedagogy. 
  3. Offering a range of metacognitive tools designed to support independent, reflective learners.  

Our approach is suitable to schools whichever curriculum they follow, whatever their size or context. We offer training both online or in-school, whichever is most appropriate. Whilst we have developed a model that supports schools seeking to become Exeter University accredited Thinking Schools, we also offer bespoke training and access to our tools depending on a school's individual requirements. 

With our approach being underpinned by the science of learning and also being at the centre of a global web of the most progressive schools in cognitive and metacognitive teaching (the Thinking Schools Network) - we are perfectly placed to help schools translate research into classroom practice.

Whether you are an individual school, group of schools or government authority we hope that directly, or through one of our partners across the globe, we can work with you to share our expertise in developing metacognitive learners.

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Looking at OFSTED (England's government school’s inspector) judgements, the grade attainment progress shown by Thinking Schools would lift a ‘good’ school to ‘outstanding’ and move a school out of ‘requiring improvement’ to ‘good’..
Dr Dave Walters, Hon Research Fellow, University of Exeter