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Intelligent Learning Behaviours

About Us

Our expertise is in translating the science of cognitive education so it can be used by teachers to transform learner outcomes.

Thinking Matters has been at the cutting edge of bringing the science of cognitive education to schools for over fifteen years. Our origins stem from the Cognitive Education Development Unit at the University of Exeter, now the accrediting body of Thinking Schools.

Research from the constantly evolving fields of neuroscience and psychology informs our work and being at the centre of a global network of the most progressive schools in cognitive teaching, the Thinking Schools Network, we are perfectly positioned to translate research into ‘hands on’ classroom practice.

We have developed a flexible model that can be adapted to the specific requirements of each of the schools we work with.  The model seeks to support schools in 'future proofing' students and equipping them as independent thinkers and learners, capable of optimising their potential and adapting to fast changing environments. The outstanding progress and increased attainment shown by pupils, both ‘disadvantaged’ and non-disadvantaged, at accredited Thinking Schools is evidence that the approach also meets the needs of results oriented education systems and inspectorate bodies.

Whether you are an individual school, group of schools or government authority we hope that directly, or through one of our partners across the globe, we can work with you to share our expertise in developing cognitive learners.

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