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Intelligent Learning Behaviours

About Us

We believe thinking matters. In order to succeed in a future full of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence, we believe we will increasingly have to think in ways unique to humans. We will have to develop the intelligent learning behaviours that will set us apart from robots.

We have an absolute belief that anyone is capable of becoming a more effective thinker and learner.

We believe that good pedagogy is at the heart of this process - intelligent learning behaviours and developing thinking learners being key. We believe in evidence. Accordingly our approach is centred around proven best practice in the field of cognitive education.

Through years of working with the most cutting-edge thinkers and practitioners we have created, and are constantly improving, an approach to developing cognitive capability and intelligent behaviours. We provide the 'how to' of this pedagogical approach with support to leaders on creating transformational change that puts explicit thinking at the heart of their organisations.

At schools, our approach is proven to improve grade attainment. More importantly, it supports educators with a framework and tools to arm those they educate with the skills and behaviours to succeed in a fast changing world.

Whether you are an educational body, school or an individual educator we hope that directly, or through one of our partners across the globe, we can work with you to share our expertise in developing cognitive capability and intelligent learning behaviours.

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