I want to build my expertise to help my students develop their metacognition and self regulation

Metacognitive Tools for SEND

This course will seek to make links between theory and classroom practice by exploring how an understanding of relevant aspects of the Science of Learning can inform pedagogy and approaches to learning. A variety of questioning strategies and thinking routines will be introduced, however the key focus will be on deepening understanding of how Thinking Frames can be utilised as common visual tools to scaffold and extend thinking in the inclusion context.

Cognitive Coach Course for Teachers

Different to most on-line CPD, the Thinking Matters ‘Cognitive Coach’ Course is a live online, interactive and expert-led course designed to develop individual teacher pedagogy with practical, effective strategies that enhance metacognition and self-regulation in learners.

I want to know more about metacognition and self regulation

Our Flagship Annual Conference

17 Jun 2024, Marylebone, London

The ‘Festival of Metacognition’, provides the best insights into developing metacognition and self regulated learning, all in one place. It offers the invaluable opportunity to explore the latest and best practice in successfully developing metacognition in your school and enables you to hear from experts, talk to leaders and teachers from Thinking Schools and share experiences regarding any area of metacognition.

A global community of innovative and progressive schools and teachers of metacognition. The Thinking Schools Network (TSN) is a global community of innovative, progressive schools whose leaders seek to create world-class, metacognitive education environments for their pupils by investing in the skills development of their staff. Its members are both state and independent, mainstream and special schools and serve pupils of all ages.

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Bringing together in one place those with a shared passion for developing metacognitive, self-regulating learners in one place

Become a member of the Thinking Schools Network

The Thinking Schools Network (TSN) is a member driven organisation and facilitates the sharing of best practice in developing metacognitive learners. Discover the benefits of membership:

Schools in the Network:

  • Seek to transform the life chances of their pupils beyond academic grade attainment. They use scientific evidence to inform their teaching practice and as the basis for future proofing their pupils.
  • Subsequently, schools in the TSN take an explicit, whole school, cognitive approach to educating.
  • All staff of schools in the TSN consciously seek to develop not only their own, but their pupils’ cognitive capabilities and intelligent learning behaviours. Their aim is to develop independent, metacognitive learners so that they know how to optimise their own potential and have the tools to determine their own futures.

Discover the benefits as a member of the TSN

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