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Take a look at what we've been up to and what's been happening across the globe within the thinking community...... and if you have any news you'd like to share - please don't hesitate to contact us!

Bickley Describing

Thinking Frames in the EYFS

Metacognitive Visual Tools (MVT / Thinking Frames) are simple graphic organisers based on distinctive visual patterns, developed to support the eight thinking processes most commonly used in schools. The concept of visual ‘tools’ is founded on Vygostky’s theoretical concept of ‘cultural tools’. He argued convincingly that our thoughts are influenced by the kind of tools we use; Thinking Frames provide a common metacognitive ‘visual tool’ to scaffold thinking and learning.

Meta Learner

Embedding the Science of Learning in the Curriculum

Let’s step back for a minute, the brain’s intricate workings allow us to create huge works of art that wrap the coast of Sydney; to move our bodies to be able to flip backwards over a pole and see how high we can go; or to learn a new language. Teaching all students, in an age-appropriate way, the wonders of the brain sets them on a journey: to see themselves as life-long learners; to undertake a job that stretches their skills; to create new ideas; or use resilience when life takes an unexpected turn..


East Belfast Thinking Schools Collaboration Project

Written by Lorna Gardiner, TM Consultant and Project Lead Over the last 12 months, Thinking Matters designed and facilitated a bespoke online programme to meet the needs of a group of primary schools in East Belfast. Utilising funding provided by the Education Authority for collaborative professional learning, seven schools participated in this year-long Collaboration Project which provided An Introduction to Whole School Metacognition and Visual Tools. .

Young Plato

Young Plato

A film documentary by Neasa Ní Chainaín and Declan McGrath A review by Lorna Gardiner, Consultant, Thinking Matters Kenneth Branagh’s film ‘Belfast’ has received much critical acclaim and box office success, but another recently released film based in the city of Belfast is also worth a watch – especially for anyone interested in education. Young Plato is an observational documentary which tells the story of a dedicated and charismatic school principal, Kevin McArevey, who introduced the teaching of Philosophy as a way of encouraging students to think critically and creatively, outside their existing community mindsets. .