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Podcast - TM Tips For Parents educating children at home

None of us anticipated that we'd have to educate our children from home and few of us chose this. And while the pressure on parents to become educators is stressful, there are also opportunities to get more involved in their learning that will have long term benefits for our children. In this podcast, Marina Fogle from The Parent Hood talks to Alisdair Wade from Thinking Matters about the basic things parents can embrace, during lockdown and beyond, that will have a massive positive impact on our children's long term development.

Cumran Primary School

Children Lead the Learning at Cumran Primary School

Cumran Primary School has been developing a whole school approach to developing children's metacognition for more than a decade and is accredited by the University of Exeter as a Thinking School. Lorna Gardiner, Thinking Matters Consultant has provided training and support to the leadership and staff team of Cumran PS in recent years and shares the outcomes of an inspection report of the school, recently published by the Education and Training Inspectorate. .