Thinking Frames

Thinking Frames are a set of dual coding, graphic organisers that offer learners a way to improve knowledge recall and explicitly see, develop and reflect on their own cognitive processes. A separate frame exists for eight key thinking processes that are the fundamental scaffolds behind a pupil’s ability to engage with tasks, answer exam questions, solve problems and develop ‘higher order’ thinking.

Using a consistent visual pattern, these metacognitive visual tools (MVTs) encourage transfer of thinking skills and provide a visual record of thinking.

The Frames can be used by all age groups across all subjects and can be used very effectively for those with additional learning needs.

A thinking frame is a representation intended to guide the process of thought, supporting, organising and catalysing that process

Why use Thinking Frames?

  • makes eight common cognitive processes explicit
  • provide a common visual language for all students and teachers and in all subject areas
  • Develops metacognition
  • Used to support thinking at all levels
  • Enables teachers to quickly set activities and clearly see each pupil's thinking.
  • Reduces marking
  • Provides a superb visual record of thinking for both learner and teacher
  • A powerful planning and revision tool.
  • An important tool for those who find it difficult to communicate their thoughts through writing and orally.

The children really like the guidance of the Thinking Frames. They can view their ideas more clearly and they enjoy using them. It's fascinating to see how the Frames enable the children to make links to other curriculum areas and show real evidence of higher order thinking.

The Thinking Frames are an absolutely fantastic tool for SEND, in fact all our learners. They make it so easy for them to break down tasks into manageable chunks

Learn how to make the most of Thinking Frames

Thinking Frames for SEND
CPD for Teachers
Whole-school Implementation

Our Digital Thinking Frames

Exclusive to TSN Premium Members – Pupil’s Thinking Frames can be stored in the cloud or on individual devices and are compatible with both Microsoft and Google school platforms.

We train school staff to use Thinking Frames successfully and work with the School’s Thinking and Learning ‘Drive Team’ on how best to embed the Frames across the school, so they become part of a common language of learning in each year group and subject.

Digital Thinking Frames
Find out more about the transformative effects of using Thinking Frames.
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