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Thinking Frames - Cognitive Processes

Thinking Frames are a dual coding visual tool (words combined with distinct images) that offer learners a way to improve both knowledge recall and explicitly develop their own cognitive processes. These processes (of which there are eight including sequencing, categorising and comparing) sit at the heart of almost all exam questions and are fundamental scaffolds for any form of problem solving and ‘higher order’ thinking.

Thinking Frame
Example of a 'Defining' Frame with an 'Effect' Frame

The frames, a form of graphic organiser, are suitable for use by all age groups and across all subject areas. They provide a superb visual record of thinking for both learner and teacher and as such are an excellent planning and revision tool as well as being a helpful vehicle for those who find writing difficult, to communicate their thoughts.

To enable a whole school approach to embedding metacognition, we train school staff to use Thinking Frames and work with a school’s thinking and learning ‘Drive Team’ in how to embed them as part of a common language of learning in each year group and subject across the school.

The children really like the guidance of the Thinking Frames. They can view their ideas more clearly and they enjoy using them. It's fascinating to see how the Frames enable the children to make links to other curriculum areas and show real evidence of higher order thinking.
Broughton Primary School
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