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Intelligent Learning Behaviours

Our Mission

Our mission is to transform the life chances of students across the world. By working with schools to develop metacognition in their students we believe we are contributing to that goal.

At Thinking Matters we believe metacognition is more than just reflecting on your learning. Metacognition is being able to adapt to the unknown. It is having strategies to make progress at whatever you set your mind to. Metacognition is future proofing.

We seek to deliver on our mission by striving to be the best at what we do. We work with, hire and develop passionate people who share our belief in the importance of great teaching in the importance of transforming lives.  We can provide our services online or in-school with equal impact, whichever is preferred and most appropriate.

Since our inception 15 years ago we have worked with schools across the globe and through them have reached over 400,000 pupils. Our goal is to have positively influenced over a million learners by 2025.  

We will continue to seek out evidence of what works for learners and put that into the hands of educators in ways which will enable them to shape life-long independent learners.

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Metacognition, or learning how to learn, is a vital element of independent learning in an era of rapid and relentless change..
Pearl Zhu, Corporate Global Executive, IT, E-commerce