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The Big Picture

The Thinking Matters approach is drawn from the science of what is proven to affect pupil’s academic and ‘whole child’ progress. We have distilled the findings of key research on what affects learning in cognitive education, and have translated the theory of ‘what works’ into a single, practical, metacognitive approach that can be used in classrooms.

PsychologyEEFHattieNeuroscienceCasta & KallickRichhart et alDweckVygotskyGardnerEricssonFeuersteinGolemanDe BonoBloomHyerle
Developing MetacognitionMindfulnessCoping with PressureCreating and Breaking HabitsHabits of MindSelf Evaluation; Self RegulationThinking PracticeDeliberate PracticeDistributed PracticeMotivationExercise, Diet, SleepMicro-masteryPhilosophical EnquiryNeuroplasticityMemoryThinking ProcessesMetacognitive Visual ToolsThe
Cognitive Coach
Creates Optimum
Learning Environment
Questions SkillfullyUtilises DataReinforces Common Thinking &
Learning Language
Feeds Back ExpertlyUnderstands the
"Science of Learning"
Gamifies LearningMediatesCoachesModelsTowerProgress

This distillation can be seen in our Big Picture which highlights both the meta-analysis and most significant researchers on whose findings it is based. The words within the Big Picture highlight the most important elements of what works. The control tower represents the metacognitive learner. The cognitive coach represents the role of teachers within Thinking Schools. Their pedagogical art is informed by the science of learning within the Big Picture.

We believe the Thinking Matters approach to be unique in that it draws all of the pieces of the jigsaw together. Schools often describe our approach as the glue which binds their teaching and learning together. It offers a clarity of vision and purpose in their aim of developing independent thinkers and learners. It enables a common language and also a common measure of progress. All of these are crucial in creating a WHOLE SCHOOL approach and the incredibly powerful outcomes that result.

Our Consultants work with schools in how to explicitly apply the Big Picture to make it whole school - so that it is understood and used habitually by all members of the school community, across all subjects and by all student cohorts.

Please note: In response to the COVID pandemic and the changing CPD needs of schools, our training models have been adapted for online delivery and can be facilitated either fully online or using a blended approach incorporating both face-to-face and online training.

In addition to enabling learners to have the necessary skills and attributes to succeed in life, adopting our Big Picture engages, retains and attracts staff through optimising their own potential as teachers. It also positions schools to confidently apply for The University of Exeter’s criteria to become an accredited Thinking School.

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