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AIM Island

Adventures in Metacognition

For schools wanting their pupils to ‘learn how to learn’, we have developed an award winning app for those in Years 5, 6 and 7. Stranded on a metacognitive island, students watch short videos from characters who introduce different aspects of metacognition. By completing and reflecting on the activities set by the characters, each player can earn the tools they’ll need to build a raft and continue on their next learning adventure!

For Pupils our 'Adventures in Metacognition' app offers a fun way to explore  how to develop as successful metacognitive learners.

AIM Tools
Tools to acquire to build the escape raft!

For Teachers
the app is a ready made resource to complement curriculum work on developing learning skills. It enables teachers to monitor pupils' progress and understanding of thinking skills and learning behaviours.

An overview: Set on an island, ‘players’ (pupils) meet a host of quirky characters who, through a series of micro videos, introduce them to how their brain works, how to improve their memory, and how to explore different thinking levels, modalities and processes as well as how to build better learning habits.

Meet some of the characters who help you on your way ...

By completing the practical activities that accompany each area of metacognition and by providing evidence of their development and reflecting on their learning, participants gather tools that ultimately allow them to build a raft and set off to another land.

Annual Cost:

TSN Premium Members:  Unlimited access.
Silver Members & Non-Members:
  £4.00 per pupil.

Give your students the opportunity to explore the world of metacognition through this fun, age appropriate online app

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An app that introduces pupils to all the learning skills they’ll need to thrive - what a fantastic concept..
Thinking Lead, Secondary School, Herts