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Free Webinars - Recordings

Our Webinars are a great medium to help you understand what we mean by 'whole school metacognition' and to learn more about the proven impact of our approach in schools around the world. Recordings are now available for those who didn't manage to attend the live event or perhaps wish to watch again and/or share with colleagues.

As a webinar attendee, and/or a viewer of a webinar recording, your school will receive free membership to the Thinking School Network which also includes a free, half day annual consultancy.

Sep/Oct 2021:

  • Thinking Routines to develop Metacognition:The 'Why', 'What' and 'How' of routines to develop metacogniton. Designed for school leaders and teachers, this webinar will introduce a set of tools designed to develop metacognition in teachers and learners by promoting and prompting thinking. The webinar will further explore:
    → Why develop routines for thinking and what are Visible Thinking Routines?
    → The important aspects of the skills and mindset required to ensure the tools evolve as structures that scaffold and support thinking.
    → The key principles and pitfalls in seeking to build habitual and thoughtful patterns of behaviour.
    Host: Paul Tyack, Consultant, Thinking Matters.

  • Whole School Metacognition: How to go about developing metacogntive, self-regulating learners as a whole school. The webinar explores:
    → How to successfully incorporate metacognition in a whole school
    → What decisions will Leaders have to consider.
    → What challenges to look out for.
    → The benefits of a whole school approach.
    →The impact and key learnings from existing Thinking School leaders.
    Speakers: Maddie Jenson and Carla Ruocco (Thinking Leads, East Sheen Primary). Host: Alisdair Wade, CEO, Thinking Matters.

Jun/Jul 2021:

  • Thinking about Oracy: This webinar explores:
    - What oracy means in a classroom context.
    - What is oracy's importance and impact?
    - How can oracy be developed successfully?
    - What is oracy's connection with metacognition and the Thinking School's approach? Panelists: Gemma Aukett, Thinking Lead, Gordon's Senior School and Emma Clark Headteacher, Elworth Hall Primary School. Host: Teresa Williams, Thinking Matters Consultant.

  • Metacognition and the New Curriulum for Wales: This webinar explores how to develop self-regulating 'meta' learners as schools prepare for the new Curriculum for Wales. It includes looking at pedagogical approaches that encourage children to be active participants in the learning process and addresses how the Thinking Schools approach supports the aims of the Curriculum for Wales. Panelists: Lizzie Charles, Deputy Headteacher, St Andrew’s Primary School and Dan Jones , KS Phase Leader, Maindee Primary School. Host: Paul Tyack, Thinking Matters Consultant.

Apr/May 2021:

  • Beyond Rosenshine: If your school is exploring Rosenshine’s Principles of Instruction you may be thinking 'what comes next?' This webinar recording explores Rosenshine’s Principles of Instruction, looks at how the principles are woven into the Thinking School approach to wholeschool metacognition and examines how teachers can build on the principles to develop truly independent learners. Panelists: Dave Harvey, Assistant Head, Leventhorpe Academy & Primary School Tbc Host: Lorna Gardiner, Thinking Matters.

  • Developing Metacognitive Learners to 'Build Back Better':
    This webinar looks at the research of what works with pupils progress and how that aligns with pupil wellbeing. It then explores how this can be developed as community practice through developing a clear vision, building and empowering a drive team, developing a shared language and aligning classroom practice via tools, strategies and routines.
    Tues 27th April
    : Panelists: Rose Cope, Headteacher, Hornbeam Primary School & Katie Robbins, Thinking Skills, Maidstone Grammar School for Girls. Host: Alisdair Wade, Thinking Matters.

Mar 2021

  • 15 minute drop-in Webinar - Intro to Metacognition: This webinar gives and outline of the content and structure of the 90 min, online, interactive Metacognition Workshop, highlights the huge benefits to your school and gives details on cost and how to book the workshop at a time and date that suits you and your school.

  • Digital Thinking Frames: This webinar explores what Thinking Frames are and how they can be used to:
    - Develop student’s core underlying thinking processes.
    - Organise thoughts ahead of answering questions.
    - Improve a student’s ‘higher order’ thinking.
    - Enable students to reflect on their thinking and learning behaviours.
    - Aid revision and memory.
    - Improve EAL learner confidence.
    - Reduce teacher workload
    Panelists: Dave Harvey (Assistant Head, Leventhorpe School, Herts), Teresa Willams (Director Of Consulting, Thinking Matters).

Jan/Feb 2021: This series of webinars addressed two areas of focus: developing metacognition in your school via online training, and looking at how to motivate learners working from home.

  • Motivating Remote Learners: This Webinar explores how motivation theory translates to motivating students; what schools can do to motivate remote learners and Motivational Maps - how they can be used to transform learner engagement, outcomes and wellbeing.
    Speakers: Gemma Aukett (Thinking School Coordinator & House Parent, Gordon's School, Surrey), MarkTurner (CEO, Motivational Maps Education), Charlotte Wheeler (Managing Director, Motivation Matters).

  • Developing Whole School Metacognition Online: This webinar explores whole school metacognition - what it means, the benefits, and how schools can start adopting it through online and blended training - fitting easily into remote and busy staff timetables.
    Speakers: Rose Cope (Head, Hornbeam Primary, DEALT MAT), Lorna Gardiner (Head of Consulting, Thinking Matters), Alisdair Wade (CEO, Thinking Matters).

Nov/Dec 2020: This informative new series of webinars explores Visible Thinking and Thinking Routines; key structures and practices for the classroom to support the development of metacognitive learners.  And, due to popular demand, we included another webinar on the What and Why of being a Thinking School. 

  • Visible Thinking: Visible Thinking aims to integrate the development of students' thinking with learning of content through effective questioning, listening, documentation and the use of Thinking Routines. Designed for School Leaders and Teachers this Webinar looks at:
    - Why is making thinking visible important?
    - How can thinking be made visible?
    - Which kinds of thinking build understanding?
    - What are some of the benefits of using Thinking Routines?
    - How can teachers begin to use Thinking Routines?
    Hosts: Paul Tyack, Thinking Matters Consultant and Dr Helen Lewis, Senior Lecturer in Education, School of Education, Swansea University.

  • Visible Thinking Routines: Building on our Visible Thinking webinar, this is designed for Teachers and those wanting to learn more about how to use Visible Thinking Routines in their classrooms. These are simple structures to develop thinking such as a set of questions or a short sequence of steps (e.g.Think, Pair, Share). The Webinar explores:
    - How are teachers using Thinking Routines in their classrooms?
    - How do Thinking Routines support students in exploring, organising and questioning ideas?
    - What have teachers noticed about their students when using Thinking Routines?
    - What are the pros and cons of introducing Thinking Routines in different contexts.
    Hosts: Paul Tyack, Thinking Matters Consultant and Laura MacMillan, Belmont Academy, sharing how Thinking Rountines are used in the classroom.

  • What is a Thinking School and Why become one?: What do we mean by whole school metacognition? This Webinar looks at what it actually means to be a Thinking School, what's different about the pedagogy and the pupils in Thinking Schools and what are the significant benefits involved.
    Hosts: Judith Davies, Headteacher, Danescourt Primary School, Cardiff, and Joanne Thompson, Drive Team Leader, Brownlow Integrated College, County Armagh.

September 2020: This series of Webinars are designed for School Leadership and those wanting to learn more about adopting a whole school approach to developing metacognitive learners. The Webinars looks at what it actually means to  be a Thinking School, what's different about the pedagogy and the pupils in Thinking Schools and what are the significant benefits involved.

  • What is a Thinking School?: This Webinar explores what it means to be a Thinking School. What sets a Thinking School apart from a non-thinking school? What does a Thinking Classroom look like and what learning behaviours can one expect to see from pupils?
    Hosts: Ciaran Beatty, Headteacher, St James’s Primary, Richmond and Gemma Aukett, Thinking School, Coordinator, Gordon School, Surrey.

  • Why Become a Thinking School?: What are the benefits of being a Thinking School? How does it impact on your pupils, staff and the whole school?
    Hosts:Alison Jacob, Headteacher at Edgware Primary School, London and Belinda Kistell, Asst Head, Leventhorpe Academy.

July 2020:  This series of Webinars focused on the meaning of metacognition, how it can enhance the Recovery Curriculum and ease the process of pupils' return to learning after lockdown. The Webinars are designed for School Leadership and Classroom Practitioners.

As a thank you for attending one of our webinars on behalf of your school, we will issue the school with FREE Membership to the Thinking Schools Network.

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