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Behaviour Motive

Motivational Maps - Motivation

Motivational Maps is a metacognitive tool that enables learners and staff to look below the 'Behaviour Iceberg' water line at what makes them ‘tick’.

Motivational Maps allow pupils insights into what it is that motivates them. This critical but typically under explored element of learner metacognition enables students to consider how they best engage with their learning and practice as well as providing a better understanding of 'self' during the transition years. It also provides the learner’s teachers with an excellent framework for conversations, enabling them to  get to know their pupils much faster than they otherwise might. The benefits of the motivational maps can be seen in student performance and well-being as well as in the time saving it offers teachers. 

An example of a pupils 'motivator'

Pupils take an online questionnaire, specifically designed for young people to consider their motivational needs. This generates three customised reports for the individual pupil, teacher and parent/ guardian with actionable advice on their key motivational drivers and how they may set about fulfilling their potential.

The reports give School Teachers and School Leaders insight into how an individual child is motivated and whether their needs are currently met.  But the golden nuggets arise in the discussions that come out of the report between pupil and teacher, with pupils setting their own goals as they develop a deeper knowledge of self, looking at where they are heading and how they are going to get there. 

Schools use the Maps (created for each student by completing a 10 minute online questionnaire):

  • As a framework for teacher-pupil conversations around how best to access learning.
  • To offer students a better understanding of 'self' when going through transitions, choosing exam subjects, university courses and careers.


TSN Members
:  £12.50 per staff map. £4 per pupil map
Non-Members: £25 per staff map.  £8 per pupil map

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