Thinking School - New Staff Online Induction

A short, online induction programme to prepare new staff on the Thinking Schools approach.

Teachers joining a Thinking School are largely unaware of what they will find. In order to help them to prepare we have developed an online course aimed at teachers who are joining a school that has adopted the Thinking School approach and who are unfamiliar with this concept. It is appropriate for any teacher in any type of school and for those of all levels of previous experience.

Free training is offered to TSN Premium Members.

Thinking School Induction Programme (Online)

The purpose of the course is to invite participants to consider and engage with a range of ideas around the vision of a Thinking School and the approaches to thinking and learning utilised. By so doing, they may develop and deepen their understanding, particularly about the roles of the educator and the metacognitive student, which might inform and enrich practice..

The course ideally should be accessed prior to, or soon after, a new teacher/member of staff has joined a Thinking School. Its purpose is to provide a general overview of the Thinking School approach and not to train new teachers in the specific thinking tools and strategies used within each individual school. It is anticipated that these will be introduced by school colleagues once the new teachers have familiarised themselves with their new roles.

This online course consists of two modules and may be facilitated using either Zoom or Google platforms. The format includes a combination of presentation, workshop activities and opportunity for discussion. The first session is facilitated early in the new term and the second approximately one term later following a period of reflection on practice.

The sessions will be facilitated by a TM course tutor and will provide opportunity for participants to interact, reflect, share thoughts and outcomes of activities and to clarify thinking. There may also be opportunity to network with others from different schools that are new to the concept of Thinking Schools. Participants are also encouraged to engage in personal reading and reflection, pre and post the course and in between the sessions.

Each participant will receive a TM certificate on completion of the course.

Module One. Setting the Context. (One hour). The objectives for the module are to enable participants to reflect on and consider responses to the following questions:

  • What are the skills required and the challenges faced by a 22nd century learner?
  • What is a Thinking School?
  • What is the Thinking Matters Big Picture?

Module Two. Reflecting on Practice. (One hour)The objectives for the module are to enable participants to reflect on and consider responses to the following questions:

  • How might we recognise a Thinking School? What evidence might we expect to see in the classroom?
  • In order to promote and support student centred learning, what do students need to do – and what do teachers and support staff need to do?

FREE for schools who are Premium Members of the Thinking Schools Network. The cost is £59.99 +VAT per participant for schools who are not Premium Members of the Thinking Schools Network.

To find out more, call Thinking Matters on +44 (0) 1672 841824 or email us

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