Thinking Matters in Jordan

ReThinkers is a leading company in the Arab World established on the aspiring vision of highly skilled experts and professionals in the domains of giftedness and creativity. One of their main aims is to enable the development of creativity, creative thinking and problem solving in business and education in Jordan.

Rethinkers has embarked on a partnership with Thinking Matters. The aim is to develop thinking schools in Jordan and Rethinkers have completed the first phase of training.

Since 2014 has held many educational workshops in the fields of thinking and emotional intelligence with a variety of leading figures inside/outside the Arab Region. 

Dr.Lana Mbaideen, Managing Director, Rethinkers. Jordanian entrepreneur

In 2017 Thinking Matters trained the whole team based in Jordan, covering all the main Thinking Schools elements and components. ReThinkers has started to expand and spread the culture of teaching thinking in Arabic schools in the Middle East. They have reached some very distinguished schools that are beginning their own journeys to adopting a whole school approach to the teaching of thinking.

Rethinkers believe very strongly in the Thinking Matters approach and concepts and are focused to deliver them to different segments in their society. They have already included them in many forums that were attended by groups of participants from the Arabian Peninsula.

In March 2018, ReThinkers held its fourteenth forum for creativity and emotional intelligence by the supervision of Dr. Lana Almbayden and Dr. Tareq Rasheed.

To find out more about Rethinkers visit their website:

English version: ReThinkers
Arabic version: ReThinkers

If you would like to work in partnership with Thinking Matters, see details about our licensing agreement.

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