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Thinking Schools Asia

Thinking Schools and Why Thinking Matters

The robots are rising. Automation and intelligent algorithims are already on their way to making not just blue but many white collar jobs obsolete. The potential ramifications for each of us as individuals and society is alarming.

At Thinking Matters we believe that education sits at the heart of countering this challenge and Thinking Schools provide the ideal learning environment to enable this.

We have asked ourselves what attributes will allow those at school today to rise above the robots. We have queried what skills and intelligences our children will need to be successful in jobs that don’t yet exist. We have drawn on the huge strides made in neuroscience, psychology and cognitive education and we have blended that into an pedagogical approach that we believe answers the needs of our time.

Our approach seeks to develop the skills and attributes unique to humans. It seeks to nurture the higher order cognitive skills - the ability to create, synthesise, connect, evaluate and analyse - without losing sight of the value of knowledge. It seeks to develop the attitudes and behaviours that allow lifelong learning and the ability to adapt, persist and communicate.

More than ever the world requires independent, critical thinkers. Problem solvers, collaborators and idea generators. We believe that those taught using the Thinking Matters approach will not only achieve higher grades but also become individuals able to succeed in an ever-changing future.

The main cognitive skill Google are looking for is “learning ability”..
Laszlo Bock, Former “Head of People”, Google

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