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Thinking School Accreditation

Whilst some schools who we support in adopting a whole school approach to the teaching of thinking choose not to to engage in formal accreditation, the vast majority do. This developmental accreditation process leads to recognition as a “Thinking School” and is gained from the University of Exeter’s Cognitive Education Development Unit.

By engaging the entire school community in a process of self-study, becoming accredited as a Thinking School provides a meaningful opportunity for continuous learning and creates an enduring culture of reflective practice. Accredited schools have used this process as an opportunity to demonstrate and affirm their commitment to the principles of becoming a Thinking School.

Since conception over 100 schools have been accredited as Thinking Schools.

* Thinking Matters has supported over 90% of these Thinking Schools *

An advanced level criteria has also been developed for accredited schools who continue their journey of continuous improvement and investigations.

Please contact Thinking Schools @Exeter (TS@Exeter) at the University of Exeter for more details about Accreditation as a Thinking School. A list of current Accredited Thinking Schools can be seen here.

For support in achieving accreditation as a Thinking School

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