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The Thinking Schools Network (TSN) is a member driven organisation run by Thinking Matters. Members benefit from invites to multiple events and inter-member school visits that offer opportunities to get the latest insights into research on cognitive education as well as share fellow TSN practitioner ideas on how to implement them.

Members also have access to a wealth of classroom materials, thinking
resources and discounts to a range of thinking organisations' services.
You can see a number of the member benefits below:

Membership Benefits  

  • Regular Events - regional and national meetings offering the latest insights into cognitive science and the opportunity to meet and share ideas with like minded practitioners.

  • Classroom Thinking and Learning Resources - including subject specific materials for primary and secondary students, introductory guides, templates, classroom rewards, displays and outcome based resources offered in a range of media.

  • Significant Discounts on Thinking Matters Services including:

    - Deep Dive CPD
    - Motivation Matters
    - New Staff Thinking School Induction Course
    - International Thinking Schools Conference

  • Significant Discounts on Exceptional Thinking & Learning Products from:

    Schools Week - Nisai Learning Academy - Thrill Educaction - Structural Learning - Dialogue Works - BeReady: Work Ready Schools

  • Thinking Library - offering filtered research papers on neuro-science and cognitive development as well as links to media comments on these topics.

  • Regular Newsletters/Bulletins - Resources, best practice ideas and news from Thinking Schools across the globe.

See Membership Leaflet here

Cost: £300/yr per primary school | £500/yr per secondary school

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