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The Thinking Schools Network (TSN) is a member driven organisation run by Thinking Matters. Member schools and their teachers regularly comment that part of what contributes to pupils increased academic progress, is the interaction they get with other TSN member schools and practitioners.

We are currently offering FREE membership to interested parties up until the end of Jan 2021.

Our training models are accessible via online, in-school and/or a blended learning approach to suit your school's individual needs.

A priority of the Network is to enable easy communication between all TSN members.  We provide access to an easy to use online community forum, there are regular meetings at local and national TSN events as well as visits to each others schools.  These interactions offer opportunities to get the latest insights and views into research on cognitive and metacognitive education as well as share fellow TSN practitioner ideas on how to implement them.

Members also have access to their Thinking Matters consultant. This relationship enables regular review of where they are as Thinking Schools. TSN members also benefit from access to a wealth of classroom materials, thinking resources and discounts on the services of a range of cognitive education oriented organisations.

You can see a number of the member benefits below:

Membership Benefits  

  • Annual Consultancy (worth £350) - School leaders receive a half day of their Thinking Matters Consultant's time. This culminates in a call or Skype to review where the organisation is in their Thinking School journey and explores how to continue progressing.

  • TSN Community Online Forum - An easy to use online forum that connects TSN members for discussions, sharing practice, ideas and resources.

  • Discounts on Thinking Matters Services (typically worth £450) including:
    International Thinking Schools Conference

    Metacognitive Tools

    Motivation Matters
    New Staff Thinking School Induction Course

  • Discounts on Exceptional Thinking & Learning Products (worth £100s):
    Schools Week and Festival of Education

    Nisai Learning Academy

    Thrill Educaction

    Structural Learning

    Thinking Out of the Box

    BeReady: Work Ready Schools



    Dialogue Works

  • Cognitive Classroom Resources - subject specific materials and lesson plans for primary and secondary teachers on how to weave explicit cognitive development into their curriculum. Introductory guides to the core elements of cognitive education, classroom rewards, displays and outcome based resources offered in a range of media.

  • Regular Events - regional and national meetings offering the latest insights into cognitive science and the opportunity to meet and share ideas with fellow Thinking School practitioners on how to use these in the classroom.

  • Thinking Library - offering filtered research papers on neuro-science and cognitive development as well as links to media comments on these topics.

  • Regular Newsletters/Bulletins - Resources, best practice ideas and news from Thinking Schools across the globe.

View the TSN Membership Flyer here

                        MEMBERSHIP IS FREE UNTIL 31st JANUARY 2021


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