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TSN Membership

The Thinking Schools Network (TSN) is a member driven organisation run by Thinking Matters where like-minded schools and practitioners from across the globe connect and facilitate the sharing of best practice in developing metacognitive learners.

SILVER and PREMIUM TSN Membership is available to schools - both offering a wide range of benefits. Premium Membership for Primary Schools starts from £350 and from £500 for Secondary Schools per annum.

Choose your Membership Programme:

Silver Membership

Premium Membership

Silver Membership includes:

Networking Events - Discounts & Special Invites

  • 50% Discount on a Festival of Metacognition ticket - our annual conference about metacognition.
  • Invitation to TSN Metacognition Meet (Regional Event) - an in-person opportunity to meet and network with your local Thinking Schools. Half-day.
  • One Free Ticket to termly TSN Drive Team Meetings - an opportunity to attend topical, online discussions with fellow TSN Members.

Resources - Access to top quality metacognitive materials

Selected access to classroom examples, staff planning, filtered research, best practice ideas and webinars, student materials and more. Monthly emails and blogs.

Consultancy & Training

  • 10% discount on Thinking Matters consultancy and training.
  • 5% discount on Thinking Matters' Partner's training.

Metacognition Apps

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