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Directly through Thinking Matters and via our partners around the globe, we offer a range of services currently aimed at individual schools, school groups, education authorities and government bodies.

Our core offering is based around training days to a pre-selected team of change agents (a Drive Team). That training presents the tools, strategies and pedagogy required to take our approach into every classroom across your organisation. The training is complemented by unlimited support to leadership and the drive team in implementing change.

Our core offering can be supplemented via what we call “Deep Dive Workshops” - training sessions that focus in detail on a particular area of cognition, behaviour or pedagogy. The area covered in a Deep Dive, which always link into our whole school approach, will have been identified by your Drive Team as necessary to your schools current position against its plan. Examples of Deep Dive Days are “Mastery of Mediated Learning”, “Expert Enquiry”, “Dynamic Deliberate Practice” and “How we Learn”.

Our membership offering also complements our core package by offering access to the latest in ideas and research on thinking, practical classroom resources, conference and webinar discounts as well as online induction training for new teachers joining your school who are unfamiliar with the Thinking Matters approach.

For more details on our services please take a closer look through this section of the website or call us to discuss. We'd love to work with you in finding your organisation's path to placing thinking at its heart.

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