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Directly through Thinking Matters and via our partners around the globe, we offer a range of consultancy and training services in the field of metacognitive education.

We work with individual schools, school groups, education authorities and government bodies to support them in improving pupils outcomes by embedding evidence based, cognitive and metacognitive teaching approaches into their organisations.

We provide consultancy services through a team of former and current Head and Deputy Head Teachers whose own schools or organisations have taken the Thinking Schools journey. Our consultants work with school leaders, taking time to understand their school’s individual situation and offering advice on how to embed metacognitive teaching approaches into their organisation.

Our services can be provided both in-school and/or online with equal effectiveness, incorporating a blended learning approach.

We complement our consultancy with teacher training. The training we offer varies depending on the needs of each organisation we work with:

- Governments and education authorities: We typically support the development of 'hub' Thinking Schools through which regional and nationwide roll out can occur.

- MAT and school groups: We train centralised trainers within the group who can then flexibility introduce the approach, tools and pedagogy across their group of schools.

- Individual schools: Dependent on the starting point of the school we tailor training that ranges from:

  • The Thinking School Programme - Our core offering of six days over a period of up to three years backed by ongoing consultant support to - 
  • Deep Dive CPD- Individual INSET days of twilight sessions on specific elements of cognitive education.

    We also offer a range of other support services including:

    • Motivation Consultants- A specialist team who diagnose levels of staff and pupil motivation, explore what individual’s motivators are and how that information can be used to improve performance and wellbeing. 
    • Membership of the Thinking Schools Network. 

    For more details on our services please take a closer look through this section of the website or call us to discuss. 

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