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Thinking School - New Staff Online Induction

A short, online induction programme to prepare new staff on the Thinking Schools approach.

Teachers joining a Thinking School are largely unaware of what they will find. In order to help them to prepare we have developed an online course aimed at teachers who are joining a school that has adopted the Thinking School approach and who are unfamiliar with this concept. It is appropriate for any teacher, primary or secondary, of all levels of previous experience.

Free training is offered to TSN Premium Members.

Online Thinking School Training

The purpose of the course is for participants to consider and engage with a range of ideas around thinking and learning and, by so doing, develop and deepen their understanding of what is meant by a whole-school approach to the teaching of thinking. 

The online course takes around 3 hours to complete and can be studied flexibly, as and when suits each participant, within the time frame set by each participant’s school. It includes access to an online forum on which questions can be explored with a course tutor and other participants as well as downloadable support material. 

The timing of the course is entirely flexible to suit your new staff and give them the opportunity to become familiar with the concept of a Thinking School before they start their new roles. Its purpose is to provide a general overview of the Thinking School approach and not to train new teachers in the specific thinking tools and strategies used within each individual school. It is anticipated that these will be introduced by school colleagues once the new teachers have familiarised themselves with their new roles.

The course content explores the following ideas:

  • What is a Thinking School?

  • The Thinking School student.

  • The Big Picture – Drawing together a whole-school approach to thinking and learning.

  • Promoting and supporting student-centred learning – what do students and teachers need to do?

  • What are the skills required and the challenges faced by 22nd Century learners?

  • What is thinking?

The cost is £59.99 per participant - and FREE for Premium TSN Members of the Thinking Schools Network

View Online Training leaflet here

To find out more, call Thinking Matters on +44 (0) 1672 841824 or email us.