What is the purpose of engaging parents and carers as a Thinking School?

What do you know about the Science of Learning? As you introduce a new concept, do you help learners picture what is going on in their brain? Do your students regularly talk about schema and long-term memory? The science of learning, often referred to as educational psychology or the psychology of learning, is a field of study that focuses on understanding how humans acquire, process, and retain knowledge and skills. Its main focus is getting us to understand and tap into the incredible resources our brain offers!

East Belfast Thinking Schools Collaboration Project

Over the last 12 months, Thinking Matters designed and facilitated a bespoke online programme to meet the needs of a group of primary schools in East Belfast. Utilising funding provided by the Education Authority for collaborative professional learning, seven schools participated in this year-long Collaboration Project which provided An Introduction to Whole School Metacognition and Visual Tools.

Journey of a Thinking School during a National Lockdown

It’s been quite the journey for us at Sacred Heart over the last four years. We have a whole new Senior Leadership Team in place, a stable staff team, a bespoke curriculum developed and have become a real hub for the community. We were also excited to start the Thinking Matters whole school approach to thinking and to be working closely with Ged Murphy, TM Consultant, who has been integral to our school improvement.

Developing Thinking Schools in Nigeria

Thinking Schools Nigeria (TSN) was established after the Greensprings School Drive Team was trained by Thinking Matters, which ended in April 2018. Since then, several training sessions on the Thinking School Approach have been organised for teachers and support staff.

Notting Hill Prep as a Thinking School

It’s really an exciting time to be a teacher. There’s hardly a day goes past when something new doesn’t appear to read about education, either a new book or an article on Twitter. And working at Notting Hill Prep (NHP), a thinking school, means that there’s a constant conversation about pedagogy or happiness or wellbeing going on in staffrooms and over lunch.

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